Poznań - Bergen - Reykjavík

International Flute Festival: Poznań - Bergen - Reykjavík

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

About project

The general aim of the International Flute Academy project is to establish foundations for international cooperation in the fields of culture, art and education between artists, pedagogues and students from Poland, Iceland and Norway as well as institutions that supervise them.The project will be run in three cities. Within the scope of the project activities, a concert of flute music in Szczecin is to be held.
The principal idea of the project is to increase involvement of Polish, Icelandic and Norwegian musicians in realization of joint artistic projects, developing modern education and e-learning promotion, creating sustainable effects of the project in the form of new musical literature, a CD and handbook, organizing an international cultural-educational event with the participation of two Polish cities (Poznań, Szczecin), as well as Icelandic citie (Reykjavík) and one Norwegian city (Bergen).

The program of the project embraces three main aspects: artistic, educational and academic.

Artistic aspect:

1) international cooperation of artists and composers from Poland, Iceland and Norway in writing new musical literature, as well as recording newly made music pieces on a CD and presenting them in public at five concerts in Poland, Iceland and Norway.

2) Polish and world premiere of music pieces composed jointly by outstanding Polish composers (Lidia Zielińska, Janusz Stalmierski, Artur Kroschel, Maria Ćwiklińska) with Norwegian, Icelandic and Polish artists.

Educational aspects:

1) organization of interdisciplinary workshops in two cities: Bergen ("Polish Day") and Reykjavík ("Flute all day long") with the participation of pedagogues and students

2) organization of the II International Flute Festival with the participation of pedagogues and students from Poland, Iceland, Norway and Danmark, as well as experts invited from Poland

3) creating a handbook consisting of three parts: "Learn Flute with Chopin", "Learn Flute with Grieg", "Learn Flute with Sveinsson" and written jointly by three outstanding flutists - Gro Sandvik (Norway), Áshildur Haraldsdóttir (Iceland) and Ewa Murawska (Poland). The handbook will be designed for intermediate flutists, its substantial content being filled with notations. Music examples placed in the publication will be furnished with comments and teaching instructions

4) promoting innovativeness in education - through organization of "The Innovation Day" with the use of e-learning and multimedia techniques

5) organization of a discussion panel with the participation of outstanding experts from Poland and Norway

6) preparing, recording and publication of a CD - with the participation of Polish, Icelandic and Norwegian artists

Academic aspects:

Within the scope of the project, an international group of six students from Poland, Iceland and Norway will be set up that will realize a joint research project in educational institutions. The results of students' research papers will be presented in public in January 2011 at the exhibition in the hall of Aula Nova in Poznań.



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